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Current Projects

  • Isolation 72 Hours -  We have engineered a state of the art Isolation Pod to capture the psychological effects of isolation and confinement.  We are looking for volunteers to spend 3 days alone, without any human contact.  Professionally supervised, 24/7 monitored, these  Iso-Pod mobile labs can be easily relocated and are available for remote testing. Can you stand being trapped alone with only your thoughts for 3 days?      

  • Bipolar Entrepreneurs  - Are you an entrepreneur that has been diagnosed with a Bipolar disorder? Also known as the CEO's disease, it's manic side has been credited with the success of many of the corporate worlds most powerful business leaders. We want to research the specific attributes of this illness that propel these subjects so much further than their peers. 

  • PTSD Military - We are looking for diagnosed PTSD active duty military personnel to confront their PTSD in a simulated enemy attack on their position. *This is a desensitization therapy and  includes gunfire, explosions, flames, and uniformed aggressors.

  • Social Media Addiction - Do you spend more than 4 hours per day on social media? You can help us quantify the role of Dopamine in this addiction. We will also analyze the effectiveness of CBT as a treatment.

  • Epigenetics and Autism - This study seeks to understand the role that Epigenetics plays in the onset of Autism. All ages and types on the spectrum are welcome to apply to our Mississippi nonprofit. 

  • Zero Gravity Float Tank - Not available to the public. Members only & study volunteers.

  • Auricular Therapy - Coming Soon

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Help us make the world a better place by getting in touch today.  We are always looking for people in great mental health to use as base line subjects. 


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